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Over the years as an author, I have been interviewed by the biggest and best:  Oprah, Larry King, Regis Philbin, Sally Jesse Raphael. But never have I been interviewed by someone with the sensitivity and perception and knowledge of the subject possessed by Sandra Lee Schubert. As the first interview I did prior to my 7th book, MoneyLove 3.0, coming out, she was the perfect launching pad.   Jerry Gilies, Author, MoneyLove 2.0

From the very start, WWN has attracted thoughtful and insightful guests. The show has hosted authors, television personalities, writers, and business professionals.  Spending some time talking with a person who has created something wonderful is a rare opportunity. WWN gives the listener an opportunity to listen in and learn more about a person than a 5 minute sound bite.  Kiki Flynn Sandra you are an awesome host! Thank you for the opportunity for a great conversation.

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Notable guests

Marianne Williamson, Chris Brogan,  Jed Luckless, Marc Zegans, Arielle Ford, Peggy McColl, Jonathan Fields, Phyllis Haynes, Liz Lynch, Sharon Lechter, Greg Reid, Stanley Bronstein, Retta Blaney, Brian Wilkes, Ken Foster, Jackie Lapin, Lou Bortone, Stacey Hall, Marcie Marron, Jason Miletsky, Jan Stringer, Rick Butts, Dan Poynter, Deirdre Breckenridge, Barbara Sher, Mark Coker, Karen Kelly, David Mathison, Becky Cortino, Warren Whitlock, Barbara Winter, Ronelle Coburn, Audrey Philpot, Lable Braun, Stephanie Bell, Kathleen Cromwell.

“Engaging, literate, and passionate, Sandra brings enthusiasm to her show. It’s clear from her work that Sandra loves great guests and good conversation.” David Mathison: Author, BE THE MEDIA

“When you become so deeply lost in conversation and forget that you’re being interviewed on the radio, it’s a surefire indication of a great program. Sandra Schubert is a fun, inspiring host who has a special gift… she makes her guests feel so relaxed and engaged that when she says at the end of the interview, “We only have four minutes left,” you can hardly believe how quickly the time has passed. I thoroughly enjoyed my discussion with Sandra on Wild Woman Network and would highly recommend this program to innovative, creative thinkers.” Deirdre K. Breakenridge, President, PFS Marketwyse

“Sandra’s curiosity and enthusiasm brings out the best in her guests. She wants to know what you want to know. Listen up.” Barbara Winter, Author, Making a Living without a Job

“It’s rare that someone can be both intense and relaxed at the same time, but Sandra Lee accomplishes that feat in her interviewing style. During my appearance on her Wild Woman Network show she made me feel totally comfortable, while at the same time posing incisive questions and making insightful observations. The result was an interview that really supported me in getting my message out there.” Lable Braun, Author, In Case of Emergency, Ask Question

“Sandra is the diva of DIY social networking and her lively show, “Conversations with Thinkers, Creators and Innovators,” exemplifies the idea of crafting our own stories and sharing them with others.  Schubert’s curiosity, warmth and humanity shine through in her insightful, provocative interviews with a wide range of engaging guests.” Kathleen Cromwell, Writer

“Sandra invited me a guest to her show and I had a delightful time with the conversation. I left with something more than a great interview, Sandra is a real friend. I can’t wait to do her show again”
Warren Whitlock, Co-Author of “Twitter Revolution”, Book Marketing Strategist, http://BestSellerAuthors.com, warren@MarketingResultsCoach.com

“Sandra is a clever and talented talk show host – and a real rising star! Going on Wild Woman Network was a good decision for my business.” Rick Butts – Author Stardust Factor http://rickbutts.com

“Sandra is an excellent and witty interviewer, I highly enjoyed the opportunity to have a easy and thoughtful conversation!” Jan Stringer, Author, co-author of ‘Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity’

“Sandra is a great interviewer. Her thoughtful questions demonstrated careful preparation and a genuine curiosity that helped make the conversation as valuable as possible to listeners.” Mark Coker, Smashwords.com

“I felt so completely supported and honored by her questioning process.  People who listened to the interview told me how much they enjoyed the show.  I believe that is because of Sandra’s engaging and sensitive style!” — Stacey Hall, co-author of ‘Attracting Perfect Customers…The Power of Strategic Synchronicity,’ Life Balance Expert Providing Naturally Outrageous Wellness Shortcuts to Busy People Who Want It All!  Stacey@Chi-To-Be.com

“Sandra set me at ease right away when I was a guest on her radio show, Conversations for Creative Vagabonds. Soon I forgot I was being interviewed. It was more like ‘dishing’ with an old friend about the book business – her style transcends so many other talk-format shows. Any listener is in for a treat. After all, along with being a great interviewer, Sandra is funny, smart, sharp, literate, and passionate. How I enjoyed being on her show, and I look forward to another opportunity to have an easy and thoughtful conversation with her.” Karen Kelly, “I grow ideas into books”