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How to Make Money with Social Media

How to Make Money with Social Media – Make It Happen Mondays by Don Crowther

Back in 2008 when I joined Twitter and Facebook it was a free for all. A bunch of us got together with some virtual beers and started talking. There were no rules, no particular agenda, it was a block party. Now as with our lives we move, people get married, have kids and mortgages to pay, so social media has changed a bit.

Originally I joined Facebook for business, none of my family and friends were on and I could post articles and biz stuff without hesitation. Now the family is here and things are all mixed up on my feeds. So I am rethinking my whole SM experience. Now I am planning my own page to direct business to instead of my friend feed. Where I would post anything I reconsidering that too. How do you untangle the mass of friends and family? Maybe you can’t if like me you are in it for a while.

Can you make money on Social Media? I know people who make lots of money online through products and services. I have gotten a couple of speaking gigs through social media but as Don Crowther says my audience was not initially cultivated for making money so I am either preaching to the choir or to people, like my family, who are just not that interested in what I have to offer. So that is my bad and the thing I am slowly rectifying.

How do you handle your social media content and interactions?


Women and Social Media

People still don’t understand social media. I have heard people tell me it is a young person’s game. It may be a younger person’s game. The tweens (under 17) get it. They use video, texting, chats and new media to communicate and interact with each other. The 20’s to 30’s seem to be the text generation. The rest of us either are diving in with eyes wide open or running for the door as if our hair was on fire. Nonetheless, we are not forced to keep to the technology of our childhood. Have you ever used a mimeograph machine. Not fun.

According to Flowtown roughly 53% of women participate in some form of social media on a weekly basis. Facebook leads the pack. The women I know like to share. We share information on products, food, exercise, families. We share photos and advice. And we support each other in business. The women started Facebook groups tend to share how-to info that deals with the emotions wrapped around how to live in the world.

All this public sharing is new for a lot of people. I have a couple of friends (male) who joined Facebook and Linkedin and did not allow for any sharing, except privately, on their public walls. Missing the point of the social in social media completely.

I grew up in a family where you didn’t talk about private family things at in the real world.  Last year, Sarah Evans,director of communications at Elgin Community College. posted an article on Mashable on the the do’s and don’ts of sharing online. Check it out here. She offers a lot of advice and ways to be online and not stupid.

Most of all if you are feeling uncomfortable about all the public sharing you can still control your level of sharing. On Facebook you can create a page for your business  or public profile. Direct business colleagues to those public pages and keep friends and family on your personal profile.

Remember cameras are every where keep your clothes on unless its part of your business. Adjust your slip at home and remember as with life, you can’t control every thing, but you can rein in what people see just a little bit.