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Just a week ago a random post on Facebook someone asked if anyone wanted an invite to something new. The whispers of Google getting in the social network business were just gaining traction. Without hesitation, I jumped on it and within a half hour I was a glorified early adopter of Google Plus ready to explore the new world of another social media platform. It has been a fun ride.

First of all I gained and followed people faster then Twitter or Facebook. There are these lovely things called Circles –  you can create all kinds of circles for your interest, family, friends, and business. I have one for women on plus  – we were small in number at first. One for people who work at Google and so it goes. I can view any circle at one time or comment and post only to that circle. So no one need see the chat about knitting in that circle (no I don’t have a knitting circle) or what is your favorite beer. You can create sparks, place of interesting that pulls in topics on a favorite topic.

Time will tell how it will play out. At the moment it is much more interesting then Facebook and Twitter have been.  Posts can be longer. Photos can be edited. I can share articles or posts from there and to both Facebook and Twitter. I am enjoying the experience.

As it and my experience on it evolves I will update you. In the meantime, if you are on it let me know your experience.

Resources for you

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