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How to Make Money with Social Media

How to Make Money with Social Media – Make It Happen Mondays by Don Crowther

Back in 2008 when I joined Twitter and Facebook it was a free for all. A bunch of us got together with some virtual beers and started talking. There were no rules, no particular agenda, it was a block party. Now as with our lives we move, people get married, have kids and mortgages to pay, so social media has changed a bit.

Originally I joined Facebook for business, none of my family and friends were on and I could post articles and biz stuff without hesitation. Now the family is here and things are all mixed up on my feeds. So I am rethinking my whole SM experience. Now I am planning my own page to direct business to instead of my friend feed. Where I would post anything I reconsidering that too. How do you untangle the mass of friends and family? Maybe you can’t if like me you are in it for a while.

Can you make money on Social Media? I know people who make lots of money online through products and services. I have gotten a couple of speaking gigs through social media but as Don Crowther says my audience was not initially cultivated for making money so I am either preaching to the choir or to people, like my family, who are just not that interested in what I have to offer. So that is my bad and the thing I am slowly rectifying.

How do you handle your social media content and interactions?


Quick Tips & Advice About Monetizing Your Social Media Interactions

The other day I had a brief conversation on LinkedIn about social media. I had asked a question, “is social media a help or hindrance to your business?”. This friend said it was both. One was finding the time and how to monetize it. The time part is easy enough. You can schedule posts through applications like hootsuite that can drive the post to other application like Facebook, LinkedIn. My facebook page is set up to automatically to tweet out each post.

Monetizing is different. And I think that trying to monetizing the social media experience gets people in trouble. The best example I can give is going out to dinner with friends and trying to figure out to earn money from that interaction. It is possible that you could get business because your friend refers you to someone who needs your service, but you wouldn’t want to go out with them with that intention. Social media is about interaction.

So for my friend I would make some suggestions. She has a wonderful book and system for teaching people how to create their a great life. Let’s start simply.

Use Twitter or an application that can schedule tweets and send out a helpful tip a day. Schedule the tips to go out twice in the day – once in the morning and then again in the evening. I know this person has enough information that she could do a M – F tip series for a month. I would link the tips to her Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Then I would have her create a #hashtag for her work and schedule a tweetchat and ask and answer questions. She can email her list that this would be a regular forum.Not only will her list get value from the chat but the rest of Twitter can benefit by seeing the tweets from their friends. Posting helpful articles and blogs on Twitter related to her area of expertise shares the love. Again, these can feed to sites like LinkedIn and her Facebook page.

She could also create a group in LinkedIn and post tips and articles. Via her group she could also create a tweetchat type forum. She can answer questions on LinkedIn, as well as, ask questions. She could create a post, like I’m doing, to address someones concerns or problem. Her blog can feed into LinkedIn adding more value and exposure.

Her profiles should be updated with her book and system information and each profile should link to her other profiles so that people can engage with her on the platform they feel most comfortable.

The more people that know her and the great work she does the more possibility they will purchase her book and want to work with her.

Quick tips summary:

* Schedule helpful tips twice a day (morning and evening) that feed into a Facebook page, LinkedIn or other social media networks.
* Create a #hashtag for your work and schedule a regular tweetchat to ask and answer questions.
* Post helpful articles and blogs that feed into a Facebook page, LinkedIn or other social media networks.
* Create a LinkedIn group. Post useful information, invite and engage with members.
* Have your blog feed into a Facebook page, LinkedIn or other social media networks.
* Update all your social media networks with your information and connecting each network to each other.

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Article originally appeared in Amplify