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Business Plans and Goals for 2010

Chris Brogan at a tweetup at the Roger Smith Hotel
Chris Brogan at a tweetup at the Roger Smith Hotel

Chris Brogan wrote up a blog post about his business wish list for 2010. Here is it > http://www.chrisbrogan.com/my-business-wish-list-for-2010 .

Chris is a smart guy. If it weren’t weird I would like to get into his brain and rummage around a bit. Sort of like Being John Malkovich without all the creepiness. There a bunch people like Chris that I wish I could explore their thinking from the inside.

My own mind has been a little muddled and I would like to give it a jumpstart with good thinking. So I can’t practice mind thought vampirism but I can still learn from others who are doing good stuff with their lives.

The last year, November 2008 to now, has been a crazy roller coaster ride of success and not so much success. The biggest issue for me was not knowing what the hell I wanted to do and not being able to create some basic work while I figured it out. The economy was certainly dead in the water at the start of the year.

My last layoffs I had a lot more opportunities and within a couple of months I was back on my feet and working again. This time around there were a lot of chirping crickets instead of the phone ringing.

Even so, in the past I could still create work, but I’ve been in some weird waiting pattern. Maybe a year from now I’ll figure out what happened but in the meantime I’ve got some planning to do.

In January I start a part-time job to get me off the unemployment treadmill and on the side I’m going to build me a business. Right off I am not going to compare myself to Chris in creating my plan. Chris is off the charts and I applaud his success.

My plan for 2010 is to create income, pay off debt and build a solid foundation for financial and professional success. The details may change as the year progresses. Maybe I’ll do a three month review and share it here.

My Business Plans for 2010

• My goal is to create a venue(s) for income. My multiple streams of income would be centered on writing, sharing information, creating connections. This might mean I create Squidoo pages, Amazon stores or Cafépress stores to create that initial income and continue to build a business.

• My radio show, Conversations with Creative Vagabonds, Thinkers and Innovators was launched January 27, 2009 on BlogTalkRadio I have had great guests. In 2010 I would like to get more listeners, monetize it and create it as a center piece for getting valuable information out to the public. It may or may not stay on the BTR format for that to happen. I’ll figure it out as I go.

• I want to focus on my Writing for life and Wild Woman Network blogs. Maybe they will be combined but I’ll decide that later. My goal is tighten them up and create an editorial schedule that is consistent and builds subscribers.

• For 2010 I will create a free or paid product a month. My goal is to have a least one membership or continuity type program for 2010.

• I want to add more paid writing and speaking assignments for 2010.

• Along the way I’ll define my brand. As of now I see myself as a creative facilitator of information and ideas. There are many people who are doing great things I would like to spot them and bring them to people who might not find out about them on their own.

• My biggest goal for 2010 is to build a foundation for new endeavors, business, partnerships, and product development. I am open to great possibilities and look to this New Year to create those possibilities.

My Business Wish List for 2010

• Develop more speaker opportunities. I’m looking at the local markets, business associations; Chamber of Commerce’s to create short or longer presentations to build a client base and develop my public speaking chops.

• Hire a virtual assistant to do the busy work. As an example- I like the one on one contact with my guests for my show, but the time-consuming part is the back and forth to get guest bios, pics, etc and putting the show schedule onto my websites and similar sites (twitter, Facebook) to promote the show. I’d like an assistant who could handle all that and post on Twitter etc.

• Also I would like the VA (or someone else), to make my wordpress blogs look really good and add the bells & whistles I need to make them searchable in the cyber world.

• Produce or start two books. I have two ideas for books. I think one would be exciting to do.

• I want to spend more time taking helpful conferences; learning new skills and creating some brainstorming/mastermind opportunities.

• I want a really great computer. My goal is to create videos and audio products. I want a computer that supports those endeavors.

• Create or be a part of mastermind/coaching group. I need/want some brainstorming.

• I want to develop healthful habits for 2010.

• My wish for 2010 is to have it be 1000 times better then 2009.