How to Make Money with Social Media

How to Make Money with Social Media – Make It Happen Mondays by Don Crowther

Back in 2008 when I joined Twitter and Facebook it was a free for all. A bunch of us got together with some virtual beers and started talking. There were no rules, no particular agenda, it was a block party. Now as with our lives we move, people get married, have kids and mortgages to pay, so social media has changed a bit.

Originally I joined Facebook for business, none of my family and friends were on and I could post articles and biz stuff without hesitation. Now the family is here and things are all mixed up on my feeds. So I am rethinking my whole SM experience. Now I am planning my own page to direct business to instead of my friend feed. Where I would post anything I reconsidering that too. How do you untangle the mass of friends and family? Maybe you can’t if like me you are in it for a while.

Can you make money on Social Media? I know people who make lots of money online through products and services. I have gotten a couple of speaking gigs through social media but as Don Crowther says my audience was not initially cultivated for making money so I am either preaching to the choir or to people, like my family, who are just not that interested in what I have to offer. So that is my bad and the thing I am slowly rectifying.

How do you handle your social media content and interactions?


Another Cautionary Tale

Watch out for the storm

Darren Rowse of Problogger fame posted this missive about getting unceremoniously banned from YouTube. Read his post Dear YouTube – You Broke My Heart – An Open Letter to @YouTube

As I sat on a train, heading to the football with my boy, checking my Twitter stream a message came through from a friend that my videos were no longer being served and that my account had been suspended.

Darren’s YouTube channel was reinstated but without explanation of why it was suspended in the first place.

Darren gives out good solid information that has given him a well-deserved and respected reputation. Having his account suspended for one video that YouTube deemed unacceptable puts an undeserved mark on all of his work.

Unfortunately this happens all the time. My Twitter account was blocked for a day, without explanation, then reinstated. I know of many people who have years worth of blog posts deleted without apparent cause. We have all gotten use to the Internet as the gateway to our communities. We can lose it all in a moment.

A couple of months ago my laptop crashed and all the data I had on the desktop was lost. Despite knowing better I had not backed up as I should have. I forget to backup my blog(s) data. Maybe you are like me and blithely go through life thinking it will all go well.

Remember that any social networking site can shut down, or you, without notice. As we bask in the reach of our online communities remember to cultivate our offline friends and colleagues as well.

Here are some links that may help, as with your data, use all information with caution:

What sites or strategies do you recommend?

In the meantime read Chris Brogan’s short post on Using Social Networking and Media Offline.

View Darren Rowse YouTube Channel here.