profile-picSandra Lee Schubert has always been a storyteller. At nine she created her first family newsletter; telling the horrifying tale of giant pizza that attacked New York. Luckily the Empire State building saved the day by stopping the wayward pizza in its track. OK, it took days to clean up the cheese, but who cared,New York City was safe again.

Later in life, she co-created a writers group at the magnificent Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine; offering a diverse selection of speakers to inspire writers to craft their own masterpieces. Each year they spread their words through an anthology and yearly reading.

Writing for Life: Creating a Story of Your Own, an online subscription course, was developed when Sandra saw that people had a real desire to tell their own unique stories; in a few short lessons, you can craft your own life tale.

Sandra continues to introduce people to the unique stories of others by developing, producing and hosting her own radio show on BlogTalkRadio. Conversations with Creative Vagabonds, Thinkers and Innovators brings on guests with diverse stories for an intimate 30-45 minute conversation. She has interviewed priests, PR executives, and hotel owners- all with a unique story to share.

Her diverse background has gifted her with many opportunities for new experiences and points of view that give her the flexibility to work with people in many fields. Behind it all has been the desire to give people the opportunity to tell their authentic story in any way possible.

She also loves long walks on the beach, (in the morning please), hot chocolate in front of a fireplace (do you have one?) and lots of reading, plus taking photos and enjoying good food with great friends.

Radio host Sandra Lee Schubert talks about the importance of social media
with producer Phyllis Haynes