Project management made easy

This is not a pretty application. You have to log in online. Nonetheless it might be a very powerful tool in your project management. I have yet to fully utilize its features but I look forward to its possibilities.

You can sign up for free or use a paid version for your company. The free version will still allow you to connect with other bizpad users.  Give the trial version a try and you might be surprised at what it will do for your time management.

Here is the link.

JULY 20, 2010 After six months of beta-testing and fine-turning, and over a year of design and development, Bizpad 1.0 is ready for the public. Of course there will be glitches, bugs, etc — there always are with any new product — but we’re committed to fixing them quickly and providing incredible customer service.

I am a slow early adapter. Meaning I try things right away but I am completely clueless how to use them so I rely on customer service and I got an immediate response to my questions. Love that.