What compels you?

This past Tuesday I interviewed Kim Marcille Romaner about her new book, The Science of Making Things Happen: Turn Any Possibility into Reality. You can listen to the archive here AMP IT UP!! We have known each other for just over two years and Kim coached me way back when.

Listening to the show you will discover that Kim has been working on her book in some form for many years. When Kim was coaching me I got to see some preview chapters and work on some of the ideas in the book. One of the things she says is to engage people in your dream(s). I was invested in seeing Kim’s book come into being. And when it did finally get published I was happy to promote it. Because I believe in Kim and her work and what she stands for in the world.

Also my investment in Kim’s dream helps me in the goals I keep. I could see it took two years for her book to emerge fully formed into the world. Can I be as patient with my own goals? Kim is invested in my attaining my goal of the kind of home that I want on the water, with an office, doorman,  etc. She has known about it for two years. Holding her book in my hand gives me the confidence to know I could be looking out at the water from my new place in the very near future.

What compels you? What makes you get up in the morning? Is it force of habit or something more?

I had mentioned to Kim how I used Feng Shui to move my desk around so I would be in the most auspicious direction. I was done moving everything and settled into my office chair when my Internet/phone system crashed. The last time I did a big Feng Shui move major catastrophe’s happened. Now each one revealed underlying issues that I had not known about but nonetheless, instead of success I was getting disaster. Now this is not about bashing Feng Shui, it a 4,000 year old practice it has given to value to many people I know.  You know the what they say about the definition of insanity? Me moving furniture and thinking money will fall from the sky is one.

When I mentioned this to Kim she had to laugh because she knew about the previous disaster. My realization was that I was compelled to change something. My intuition was prompting me in some way. Instead of looking internally I was compelled to take external action.

We are compelled to achieve a dream. Sometimes we  outside for the answers to achieve the dream. The trick is balancing out the two.  I am compelled to read Kim’s book for good information but that will do nothing if I have not done the internal work to define my dream in all in its splendid forms.

So what compels you? Let me know.

Here is the view from my new apartment

[FTC disclosure: I happily received a review copy of Kim’s book from New World Library. I paid nothing for the book except for the transportation costs to the Book Expo in NYC to shake hands and say hi to Monique, Kim’s publicist. Also, I have used Amazon affiliate links for all books on this site. PS I have not made a damn dime off their links, so please buy something and help a girl out.]