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Robert Fritz, author of  Your Life As Art

December 29, 2009, at 2 PM ETRobert Fritz
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Robert Fritz is a best selling author, composer, filmmaker and managementconsultant.

He  studied composition and theater at the Boston Conservatory of Music where he earned a BM and MM in composition.He also studied on scholarship at the Darmstadt Institute (Germany) for New Music. He studied cinematography at the Rockport Workshops, and film directing with Jim Pasternak.

In the late Seventies, Charlie Kiefer invited Peter Senge and Fritz to join Innovation Associates, a management consulting firm. That brought him in close contact with Senge’s work in system dynamics, which, along with Fritz’s studies of music composition, was one of the major influences on his exploration of the relationship of structure to behavior.

Fritz’s work has been used extensively in corporations, education, and third-world develop. The Managerial Moment of Truth (co-authored by Fritz and Bruce Bodaken – Simon & Schuster) was chosen as one of BusinessWeek’s best books of 2006, and Harvard Review placed it on their executive reading list. His work in the developing world began over twenty-years ago with his involvement in the Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT), also known as “The Uganda Project.” In 2009, this project won recognition by Changemakers International Online Community and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The book School Leaders Building Capacity from Within (Corwin Press) by Leonard C. Burello, Lauren P Hoffman, and Lynn E. Murray describes how Fritz’s approach to structural dynamics and the creative process has been used in public school systems. And Peter Senge’sSchools That Learn: A Fifth Discipline Field book for Educators features Fritz’s approach.

Fritz has created two separate careers, one as a structural consultant and the other one as composer and filmmaker. As a composer, Fritz has won commissions from groups such as Boston Symphony’s Collage and Dutch Radio. He has composed music for film, TV, and theater, as well as CD’s. Two of his arrangements appear on Celtic Ladies, which topped Billboard Magazine (2007-2008 World Music.) Fritz wrote story and music for three children’s’ CD (his wife Rosalind Fritz narrates): The Little Pinecone, Elmer’s Extraordinary Christmas, and The Top (Newfane Press).

Fritz has written The Path of Least Resistance Creating, Corporate Tides, The Path of Least Resistance for ManagersYour Life as Art, The Managerial Moment of Truth and Elements. Fritz’s books have been translated into German, Dutch, Swedish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean.

Fritz has made documentaries for government, industry, and television, has written and directed three feature-length films, has directed and co-hosted Creating (a TV series made for a Canadian Network), directed episodes of the PBS series LeaderTalk with Garrison Krause, for which he also composed the theme music. Fritz wrote and directed the TV series Vermont Stories. He created She Was A Dancer, a multi –media work commissioned for the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center.

Fritz lives in Vermont with his wife Rosalind, and has two children, Ivan and Eve.

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