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sandra_lee_schubert_radioWhat makes a life enviable? How can freelancers rise above merely surviving and thrive?  We might agreepete391-headcrop things feel stressful for many people. Some of us are doing well but others are trying to figure out where to go next.

I know that I have been attempting to carve out a new identity for myself- moving out of the 9-5 PM routine I hated into some thing without a frame or foundation. It has been over 11 years since I was out on my own and I feel like I have lost the juice that drove me to create a life, customers and some freedom.  A few of my friends are in the same boat we are trying define who we are in this new world. I have been reading lots on this topic. How to create meaning. Tips and tricks to get ahead.  There is a lot of information out there.  We can’t lose.

Tuesday, October 27 at 2PM est Pete Savage will join me on Wild Woman Network to discuss how to become a wealthy freelancer.

Pete Savage is an award-winning copywriter, marketing consultant, author, speaker and coach.  As co-founder of, he provides guidance, strategy , and motivation to help freelance professionals achieve their potential. Pete is also the founder and host of, an an audio interview series focused on success and human potential.

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